Surger - Shadow Priest - accepted

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Surger - Shadow Priest - accepted

Post  Surger on Sun Aug 03, 2008 6:13 pm

Hey all, my name is Ben Hacking; i am 20 years old and studying Economics at university in england.

My raiding experience is as follows:

- 6/9 BT
- 5/5 MH
- SSC/TK/ZA/Gruul/Magtheridon
- Was leader of a guild named <Molten Core> and led many raids in MC and ZG (this was when i was about lvl 65 - a baby!)

First let me start by saying i LOVE the priest class, whether it's melting faces or unhealthy CoH spam Very Happy . I've been playing for 2 years now, and after dipping in and out of pve/pvp content i found that pve is the way for me. I love pushing new content, and if it were up to me raids would not end until ALL the bosses were down!

So for this reason i have applied to LFM KJ; i want to achieve world firsts, and i think i have the best chances of that with you guys (i even considered taking a year out of my studies to play WoW but realized i will still be playing all day even while ''studying'' Crying or Very sad ). That being said; i do find time for life outside warcraft and have some amazing and understanding friends Very Happy. One thing i've noticed in my time playing WoW is that it's hard to find awesome hardcore players, and from what i've seen LFM KJ has that.

My UI: <clicky> (raidframes across the top when in raid)
My Amoury: <here>

Just a few things to mention about my gear: I have better leggings ready to replace my current when i get a better headpiece. I am also replacing my 1hand with scryers blade (150 badge one) and have the mats for soulfrost ready and waiting. I have a set of holy gear - 1900 +heal 250 mp5 w/casting. I have no problem with grinding to whatever gear requirement is asked of me.

All in all i think i can offer a lot to LFM KJ, i'll be on vent a lot and you'll find me online pretty much 18 hours a day, when my university term starts again (end of october) i'll still be on 7+ hours a day (24 on progress days). I know how to play my class inside-out, and i have my spell rotations down tight. I used to do quite a lot of 2v2 and 3v3 arena and Counterstrike so my reaction times are pretty fast.

I only have some WWS reports of my raids since i've been here on draenor:
These aren't the best of my WWS but it's all i have links for.
EDIT: tonight's raid dps <here>

Extra info: I also have a 70 human warlock, a 66 orc warrior, a 51 tauren druid and about 5 lvl40+'s.

If i left anything out or there's more you need to know please ask! cyclops

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Re: Surger - Shadow Priest - accepted

Post  Fanatix on Mon Aug 04, 2008 1:17 am

Hi there,
I'm going to put this through processing.
You will hear from us within the next day.

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