Uprise - Accepted

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Uprise - Accepted

Post  Uprise on Sun Aug 31, 2008 8:16 am

Irl Information

Name : Aden Priest
Age : 20
Location : Scunthorpe (UK)
IRL Situation: Currently working full time 9-5 each week as cameraman at local production company. I travel about a bit so every few weeks / months i go away for a week. I have a schedule and usually know when im due to travel away at least 3 weeks in advance, this way i can make absences known. Never had a problem with it in my previous guild. My job situation is pretty much stable due to my role in the company so this wont be changing anytime soon.
Attend all the raids?: Yes

Character Information

Class : Shaman
Race : Draenei
Level : 70

Spec : Enhancement (2 / 45 / 14 )
Reason for this : Gone for extra hit in the resto tree, and extra leftovers i put in elemental for shocks, rest are just typical choice for pve enhancement.

Reason for choosing shaman : Pre BC i played Priest and Paladin - both healers. Come BC i decided to roll enhancement shaman, quite simply because this is the best class for me, and also i got bloody fed up with healing Smile.

Experience in raiding:
Kara/SSC/TK : All cleared and died of boredom
BT / Hyjal : Cleared more times than your mum / dad / brother / sister all put together.
Sunwell : 4/6
----Kale : Dead (Experience as announcer on portals and healing experience)
----Brutalus : Dead (Pushed 2000dps in recent raids before disband, no healing experience)
----Felmyst : Dead (No experience as announcer but done this boss enough times to make my eyes bleed)
----Twins : Dead (Only have experience as healer properly, have done as enhancement once or twice im pretty confident on tactics.
----Muru : Experience to Phase 2

Gear: Ive spreadsheeted alot of my gear and i have various other parts in my bank for different situations, pretty much what i have equiped is my sunwell gear. http://eu.wowarmory.com/character-sheet.xml?r=Draenor&n=Uprise . I have all suitable resist gear and trinkets. If i can remeber last time i checked on my gear setup theres only 3 items i need so not really bothered about loot. When it comes to resto gear i have over 2100+ healing. I havent equiped this gear in a long time so im rusty on the numbers - its good enough for twins healing and i have most sunwell parts.

Reputation : Exhalted on all needed reputations - working on getting all exhalted though.

Raid Preparation : Im fully self sufficant in raid prep, i am elixir master so i can proc all my own elixirs and flasks. I have 350 leatherworking (really cba to get 375 lol) enough to be able to use drums within the raid (have all suitable macros for drum rotations too). Gold is never an issue as i usually hang about the 10k mark, come Wotlk i aim to have 15k-20k so it wont be an issue for gold. As for Brutatlus and other random stuff in sunwell i have enough demonslaying and scrolls to buff an army of a million shamans Razz. When it comes to restoration i have 15x flasks in backup and food.

Previous guilds:
Pre BC i was on DoA. Come BC i rerolled and joined Focus on aerie peak. Sadly focus disbanded and i followed a few friends back to draenor and played in passion for a while. As you all know passion disbanded also so currently im hanging about guildless Smile.

Additional Information

Ventrillo/TS : Yes
Mic: Yes

Interface: https://redcdn.net/ihimizer/img143/6998/uiws6.jpg This is basically my own setup, alot of the addons have been edited to suit my own playstyle, alot i have edited lua files ect. Before you ask - YES i do use all the chat windows. I like to see everything Very Happy. As you can see on the right theres a little black box with my name in - they all stack together and form my raid frames when im in a raid.

Pvp experience : I dont really play much pvp but i have just about full vengefull in the bank and enough points almost for brutal part.

Anything else you would like to know dont hesitate to ask, i know your not recruiting enhancement shamans but i thought id give it a go. If you notice in the ss it says wws reports in my firefox tabs - was checking on them to show you reports but sadly they all expired. Sad


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Re: Uprise - Accepted

Post  proxie on Sun Aug 31, 2008 8:20 am

937 |-|1/\/\


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Re: Uprise - Accepted

Post  Veire on Sun Aug 31, 2008 8:38 am

Nice gear and application, good luck

(Talking about CERN after server shutdown.)

Tom says (02:49): (Dudutank)
Im all for science, but when you put a theory to the test w/o knowing if its gonna work which COULD put a lot of lifes at risk
Dim JD (Proclus) says (02:49):
u'll watch the explosion
Tom says (02:49):
it aint on
Dim JD (Proclus) says (02:49):
on the screen
Dim JD (Proclus) says (02:49):
10 secs later
Dim JD (Proclus) says (02:49):
u die
Tom has left the conversation.


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Re: Uprise - Accepted

Post  Fanatix on Sun Aug 31, 2008 8:55 am

Known him for quite some while from Aerie Peak aswell as the guild he's been in.
All I can say is that he would be a great addition.

Get's my vouch.

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Re: Uprise - Accepted

Post  Mitzberg on Sun Aug 31, 2008 9:02 am

Nice and serious app.

gl Wink


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Re: Uprise - Accepted

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