Warlock application

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Warlock application

Post  Treecko on Tue Aug 26, 2008 5:02 pm

Character information:

Character name:Treecko
Talent build: 0/21/40. Ill go any spec, just say what u would like me to go.
Alts:Zeuus:L70 hunter. Shapeformer:L70 druid. Hvidben:L70 warlock. Renalda::L52 rogue

Raiding experience:

Kara: 11/11
Gruuls lair:2/2
Magtheridons lair:1/1

Real life information:

Location: South Africa
Language:First language:Afrikaans.
Second language:English.
Occupation:Studying from home.
Intrests:I love to play World of Warcraft. Its the best thing i can do. I love to work with technology. Like to buy stuff and improve it.Im a very lonely guy who plays wow about 70% of the day.
Why do i want to join "LFM KJ": Since the day i started to play world of warcraft i was on my own. I didnt have any real life friends who wanted to play it.This made it really difficult for myself but i do like to figure out stuff on my own.As i was leveling my way to 70 i was very lonely. I did not know what raiding was. Finally when i reached L70 i pvped for all my gear because i though pvp gear was the only way to get epics.A while into L70 i joined a raiding guild who took me to kara for the first time (It was awesome!). I remember leading the dps with my full pvp gear.Thats how i started to actually see what people do on L70. I couldnt stop raiding! I wanted to raid more and more. I geared myself up, learned the looting rules of need and greed. So i became a raider. So i didnt know what guilds were the best so i fell behind with my gear and i wasnt able to find the pro guild like "LFM KJ". Ive geared myself up to the limit. Joined a few raiding guilds but they just suck. I wanna go extreme like u guys. Raid 5 hours everyday or more! I afk in shattrath most of the time because i cant get any better gear except through raids now. I dont wanna replace any of u pro warlocks. I wanna be a substitude for when u guys have real life matters or something where u are not able to raid. I dont mind if i raid once a week but ill always be online to assist u guys. I know LFM KJ is the best guild that hit our realm. To have LFM KJ written under my name will really boost my confidence. Ill do anything just to join u guys! Please give me a chance to show you how i can play a warlock!

Thanks for reading my application. I really appreciate it. Hope to hear from u guys shortly!

Mr T


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Re: Warlock application

Post  Subs on Tue Aug 26, 2008 5:15 pm



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