Paladinchris-70 Rogue - Rejected

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Paladinchris-70 Rogue - Rejected

Post  paladinchris on Mon Jul 28, 2008 11:12 am

1st application , probably first fail as well, so why the hell not.

Im Chris an 18 year old college student doing 4 A-Levels.
Ive raided quite alot since TBC came out, and got really involved in it, I've cleared Kara-SSC, haven't killed Kael yet haven't killed Archimonde yet and havent got to bloodboil-Illidan or SWP.
but, because ive been interested enough in the bosses, and want to know what to do when i get the chance to do them, i read up on them. ive read up on the tactics for every boss that i haven't done in higher end raiding.which is the whole reason i want to join.

My gear needs to be seriously improved though if i want to raid higher end, im stuck and the badge loot and T5-T5.5 kinda stuff and i can not find a possible way to upgrade it unless i get into a higher end guild, but normally guilds don't accept people who will need to be geared up which sucks because people get stuck in the middle content, I want to improve as much as possible and i just cant at this level.

Playing a rogue is pretty simple once you learn your rotation and get a good spec so im pretty confident that i know my class in PvE. The hardest bit would be keeping below tank aggro so you don't get killed stupidly and using CDs efficient. But im not perfect, i make mistakes occasionally, and will either figure it out myself for the next attempt, or not get it and need to be told, which is a very rare thing. I will follow the RL and my class leaders advice or instructions at all times, its necessary at all times. It is also always necessary to keep yourself at the top off your game by using everything you have possible to improve your preformence, such as Buff food, poisons, Flasks and Potions

heres a WWS of an Archie wipe night

heres a pic off my current AddOns and my UI and a link to my armoury page <----Armoury <----UI <---Addon List

Thats all i can think off right now, if there is anything WoW relatedor RL related that you need off me just ask me in game.
Thankyou for reading

Auto attack =Scroll Up
Sinister strike=Scroll down
Slice and Dice=Middle Mouse
Kick= Shift +Scroll Up
Rupture=Shift+ Scroll down
KS= Shift+ Middle Mouse
Evasion= Alt + Wheel Up
Blade Flurry= Alt + Wheel Down
AR= Alt + Middle Mouse
CoS= Alt Shift + Wheel Up
Vanish= Alt Shift + Wheel down
Blind = Alt Shift Middle Mouse

Drums = Mouse 4
Gouge = Shift Mouse 4
Shiv= Alt M4

Stealth= M5
Envenom= Shift M5

now i wonder, 1st one to be rejected or invited hmmm

@ Fanatix: Keybinds are up now, the Armours fixed just gloves and meter left dude

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Re: Paladinchris-70 Rogue - Rejected

Post  Fanatix on Mon Jul 28, 2008 11:21 am

Hello and thank you for your application,

I've taken a look at your WWS report and I must say I'm not impressed by the DPS you pushed out, allso I saw you took alot of doomfire damage.
As you said your gear needs some work and seeing the cheaper leg enchant isn't the way to go for end-game raiding, and for these reasons we can't accept your application.

Also as we stated we are looking for your key-binds which you havent posted.

Goodluck finding a suitable guild for you, there will be one out there.



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