Firesource - Mage Apply

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Firesource - Mage Apply

Post  firesource on Fri Aug 15, 2008 1:55 pm

Hey guys, as most of you know Passion disbanded this morning so i am looking for hardcore raiding to down KJ:

- Char Name : Firesource
- Level : 70
- Class : Mage
- Professions : 375 Spellcloth Tailor/375 Enchanter (Mongoose/Executioner/Soulfrost)
- Link to armory :

MH and BT - since here i have 2 better pieces of gear inc Leg item so my DPS is a lot better now.
Shahraz - You may wonder why i put Shahraz, but i think because it's a boss where so many have to sacrifice their "best" gear for shadowres, it is a greater measure of your playing ability rather than characters gear.

Sunwell WWS:
Brutallus - but again this was a while ago, so i have a few newer items now Smile

Screenshot of UI:

Standard CS Macro
Sheep targeting macro
Nothing too amazing needed for a mage...everything i need can be done with the 1,2,3....= buttons and Decursive. I do have all my trinkets, IV and Combustion on one button...but i find it not beneficial for some fights.

Non raid buffed: 1181 Fire Damage / 166 SpellHit / 32.77% FireCrit / 156 SpellHaste


- What raiding days could you attend ? : All
- Raid experience before TBC : ZG, MC, Onyxia, AQ20
- Raid experience in TBC : All upto Eredar Twins

- Your age (see the bootnote) : 22
- Do you know anyone from LFM KJ ? : Dudutank, Arlan, Tchapa, Yumiya, Dpaladin, Cholesterol, Cirx. I have Raided with all apart from Dudu...Arlan used to be my CL for a short while.
- Why do you want to raid with LFM KJ? : I stayed with Passion to the very end as i was happy there. Unfortunately they disbanded so i want to take raiding up a level rather than down. I know i have the skill to play and want to down KJ asap. I know a fair few people in LFM KJ personally, and know most by name anyway. I feel that even though you may already have a few mages, I can provide a viable option. You are a hardcore guild and the more options to get to your goal you have, the better right?

- Which guilds have you been in before? : I started off with my main on Chromaggus realm and raided there for a while. Once switching to Draenor I joined Prodigy, then Nemuri. moved to The Zoo (where i was promoted to CL) and then moved to Passion.

Why did you leave them ? :
Prodigy - started kicking a few players for no reason while i was there, and recruiting very inexperienced/bad players who caused bad wipes on easy bosses.

Nemuri - Did not get along with a lot of the main people in guild here. Chose to move on.

The Zoo - Had a lot of fun here and was made CL, after getting a job after Uni, their raid times were too early for me and also i wanted to raid more than 3 deys a week to make up for that.

Passion - Disbanded


I have 2 WoW accounts so i can boost myself and level faster - aiming to get all profs i can. I have 2 monitors so i have no problem dual-boxing. I get along well with people and enjoy playing WoW with others mainly to raid and progress my character as far as i can (as well as socialise in gchat)

I have the mats ready should the Loop of Forged Power drop. I also have the mats for the Sunfire Robe...and also for the Sunfire Handwraps (apart from Sunmotes)

...And yes Tchapa, I will put Sunfire on my MH weapon Wink

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Re: Firesource - Mage Apply

Post  Nikaron on Fri Aug 15, 2008 5:20 pm

sunwell WWS ? :<


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Re: Firesource - Mage Apply

Post  Arlan on Sun Aug 17, 2008 5:32 am

I'm afraid we're already full on mages, so declined.

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Re: Firesource - Mage Apply

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